Providing Consultation Services including: Fintech’s Business, Financial Analysis, Risk Analysis, Investment Analysis and Business Enhancements

Certified by MCI as Financial Consultant (License No 14550)

Investment Modeling

- Building Portfolio Optimization Model - Implementing the following statistical measurements and risk investment ratios to drive portfolio optimization model: - Standard Deviation - 'Beta' Coefficient - Sharpe Ratio - Variance-Covariance Matrix - Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) - VaR metric - Portfolio Correlation - R-squared

Financial Analysis, Business Valuation and Balanced Scorecard Modeling

- Building Valuation and Financial Analysis Model. - Building Risk Adjusted Return On Risk Adjusted Capital (RARORAC) Model. - Monitoring Business Strategic Performance via Balanced Scorecard. - Building Corporate and Consumer Scorecard Models.

Risk Asessment and Dashboard

- Building Enterprise Risk Assessment Model and Monitoring Tool. - Identifying trigger metric measurements to monitor control adequacy through performance indicators (KPIs) and risk tolerance indicators (KRIs). - Building Business Gap Assessment Model, i.e. based on Qualitative & Quantitative Factors.

Reengineering Process - Business Improvement

Re-engineering Work Flow Process is conducted by implementing the following steps: Step # 1: Identity the Need for Change. Step # 2: Find the Inefficient Processes. Step # 3: Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Step # 4: Stream Lining Process and Compare KPIs.

Designing Fintech / Digital Products

Designing fintech / digital products to support entity to carry out their business through a fully digital infrastructure. This business model would enable the entity to increase profit due to huge cost reductions in staff and real estate.

  • Portfolio Optimization Model

  • Financial Analysis Model

  • Business Analytical Dashboard

Summary Profile & Adding Value of Service Provider:

  • Professional possessing 26+ years of experience in Finance Management, Business Development, Risk Modelling, Building Internal Controls, Business & Operational Auditing, Risk Assessment and People Management.
  • Certified advanced Basel II Master Class Training – Organized by Fleming Gulf in Riyadh
  • Certified Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) in Switzerland Basel
  • Credit Risk Management – Organized by IOB in Riyadh
  • Moody's Risk Analyst _ Internal Rating Model - Organized by Risk Matrix Limited in Riyadh
  • Combating Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing & Financial Crimes – Certify by Fleming Gulf
  • Developing Risk Model, Re-engineering Business Work Process, Structuring MIS reports, Conducting Risk Assessment.
    Identifying risk-control gaps and propose the required corrective measurements.
  • Identify opportunities for maximizing portfolio returns.
  • Assist decision makers in risk analysis and identify continuous improvement.
  • To support and develop the overall performance of the entity and raise clients' satisfaction.
  • Provide a process to transfer knowledge in a scheduled and structured manner.
Issued Credential Certificates

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